Building Teams

Team Building/brand alignment

You would like your people to get to know each other better in a non-threatening environment. Perhaps you would like your people to get behind your organisation’s values and brand identity. 

We can design and facilitate a programme that will build commitment to the team and to the values of the organisation or brand, while having fun at the same time. 

Programmes vary from but this gives you some idea of what we could include:

  • A fun and instructive team exercise to help break the ice and set some guidelines for teamwork.
  • Learning teamwork from the Wild Dog (DVD and discussion) The Wild Dog is Africa’s most successful predator because it hunts in a team. This DVD shows how the Wild Dog goes about teamwork and what we can learn from it. People love this DVD because it has a truly African perspective.
  • You as a team member: A team is only as good as the input of its members. This section is about how to be a successful team player. We raise awareness of mind-sets, effective communication, behavioural flexibility and upholding the organisations’ values through some entertaining instruction and mini-exercises.
  • Envisioning your perfect team: Brainstorming how you want the team to be.
  • Team games: Participants work on projects together. This is fun and gets people involved and helps them learn a lot about teamwork
  • Brand values: what values does your organisation stand for? What do these values mean for people in their day-to-day work? We unpack your corporate values and ask participants to develop an understanding of what they mean. 
  • Change: some clients use this workshop as a means of helping employees handle change. We can incorporate exercises and inputs to help with this if required.
  • Giving and receiving feedback: poorly handled feedback can lead to tensions and conflict within teams. We show people how to do it properly and give them practice in doing so.
  • Action planning: if appropriate the group will initiate action plans that need to be taken forward.
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