Improving Customer Service

Service Excellence

This programme gives people the skills they need to match or exceed the level of service that customers require. It will help your people provide first-class service to your customers.

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to interact with customers in a way that satisfies the needs of the customer and enhances the reputation of their organisation.

The programme covers:

  • The customer revolution: coping with change, competition and customer power.
  • Identifying customers and clarifying their needs and expectations.
  • Developing a “winning” attitude  and the importance of taking responsibility .
  • Delivering professional and customer focused service.
  • Focusing on solutions for the customer.
  • The importance of serving the internal customer.
  • Interpersonal skills: understanding behaviour and the effect it can have on customers.
  • First impressions and customer turn-off. Learning how to interact effectively with people
  • Asking the right questions in the right way
  • Learning how to listen.
  • Using the telephone effectively
  • Service recovery: dealing with difficult customers and handling complaints
  • Following through to ensure customer satisfaction

Setting service standards and action planning

During the course we will help participants establish the standards of service that they should provide to their customers and ask then to write action plans to make sure that the service they provide improves after the training.

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